Brain Storming results

There was a request to see the results from the previous semester. Here they are.

Gayzer Tag

Comedy night

Trans 101

Kink 101

Video gaymes

Coming out stories

Discrimination in gay community

Board games

Movie screening: Imagine Me & You

Out in the workplace

Rocky Horror Picture showing

Religion panel

Gayke sales

Women’s soccer


NY related LGBTQ issues

More public coming out event

What’s next in the movement?

Ace awareness

Safe zone

Queer mentoring program

December 20th – Leila

Trans Remembrance Day

Intro to sexualities; intro to pronouns

Queer people of color

Nonbinary awareness

Gay community history

Day of silence

Capture the f(l)ag

Pot luck dinner

Gaydar 101




The Danish Girl

But I’m a Cheerleader

Geography Club

Black Swan

The Way He Looks

The L Word

Steven Universe

Mad Max: Fury Road

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Spring 2016

Hello all!

In order to best serve our community we will be scheduling our meetings around your schedule! What day and time works best for you? You can also comment on this post with what activities you want to see sponsored by us this semester! Click the link to tell us what times work for you, you have till 2/2/16 to reply. Welcome back!

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Next Semester’s meeting time


Its that time of the year where we try to find a meeting time that works for everyone. You can fill out this form to help us pick a time that is convenient for you.

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