Upcoming meetings

Today’s meeting is Valentine’s day crafts. We will help you fashion a gift or card for that special someone. We will also be having discussions and snacks. Anti-valentine’s day sentiment and singles welcome.

Next week’s meeting will be laser tag in Albany. For $15 you can run around and shoot your friends and meet new friends. If you need a ride or can provide a ride please fill out the carpool document below. Thank you!

Gayser Tag Carpool

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Spring 2016 meetings

Good news everyone!

RPA is back and badder than ever. We will be chilling with y’all Thursdays at 8PM in union room 3602. Our first meeting is a brain storming meeting where you can tell us everything you want to see from the club this semester. This will also be a good chance to catch up with your pals and maybe make some new friends. Hope to see you there!

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Spring 2016

Hello all!

In order to best serve our community we will be scheduling our meetings around your schedule! What day and time works best for you? You can also comment on this post with what activities you want to see sponsored by us this semester! Click the link to tell us what times work for you, you have till 2/2/16 to reply. Welcome back!


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