Hello Friends,


Have you ever felt unsure about how to address religious issues?

Have you ever been stereotyped for your social, ethnic or political views?

Do you wish for a more accepting community?

Then come to: “Interfaith and Social Justice: Activism through our own Worldviews”.

Events at Chapel Hill, Ferguson, and across the world have demanded that youth begin to organize and stand against injustice. At this conference, you will be involved in workshops that teach you how to start local/international organizations, create public demonstrations in your communities, and deal with conflicts between human rights and cultural relativism. Discussions will also revolve around gaining greater insight into ourselves and using self awareness to positively impact others.

So, mark your calendars: Friday, April 17th – Sunday, April 19th. We’ll kick things off on Friday at 5pm and finish up on Sunday at noon.

The following world-renowned speakers will also lead several workshops:

Chris Stedman – Exec Director of the Yale Humanist Community, author of Faitheist

Mustafah Abdullah – A central activist in the Ferguson protests

Frank Fredericks – Founder of World Faith, an organization committed to enhancing grassroots development initiatives around the world

And the best part is that the conference is completely free! All we ask is that you bring $20 dollars for dinner on Saturday. You also have the option to stay in a hotel room with 3 additional roommates for $20 each if you prefer to not sleep in Union College housing. Keep in mind that we will not be providing transportation, but we are happy to help you plan your journey to Schenectady, NY.


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